Intercoms Adelaide

We only supply and install excellent quality intercom systems with the following features:

  • Available as either video/audio or audio only systems;
  • Colour screens (video only);
  • We prefer wired systems rather than wireless to ensure consistent high quality performance;
  • Gate access (if installed) can be fully controlled from the internal intercom station;
  • Some intercom models are able to store an image of the person who has activated the intercom on the external unit; and
  • Multiple internal stations can be fitted for greater convenience in multi-storey buildings or large homes.
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Our intercom systems have the following applications:

  • Residential – commonly one external unit and one internal station;
  • Blocks of units or offices – one external station and one internal unit for each tenancy; or
  • Multi-storey buildings – one external station and one (or more) internal units for each level.

We can customise any intercom setup to suit your needs – speak to one of our friendly sales staff today!

The Value of Intercom Systems for Residential and Commercial Properties

Incorporating an intercom system into either a residential or commercial setting offers a plethora of benefits, enhancing security, communication, and convenience.

For residential properties, an intercom serves as an immediate line of communication between inhabitants and visitors, allowing homeowners to verify the identity of guests before granting access, thereby bolstering security in residential, commercial and even manufacturing facilities. In commercial environments, intercoms facilitate seamless communication between different departments or floors, promoting efficiency and ensuring that urgent messages are conveyed promptly.

Additionally, in emergency situations, having a reliable intercom system can be invaluable, providing a means to relay critical information swiftly. Beyond the functional advantages, modern intercom systems can also be integrated with other smart devices, making properties more interconnected and technologically advanced. In essence, an intercom is not just a communication tool, but a multifaceted asset that enhances safety, collaboration, and the overall functionality of a space.