Traffic Barriers

There are a variety of effective traffic control methods available.

Boom Gates

Boom gates make for excellent traffic control across both wide and narrow roads or driveways.

There are different models for all applications including private and multi-level carparks, hospitals, marinas, and industrial sites.

They are used to control vehicular access to sites.

If a fixed arm boom gate is not desired, automated drop chain systems are available as an alternative. Please visit our “Access Control” page for more information on how to control a Boom Gate.


These restrict vehicles but allow pedestrian access. Fixed bollards can be plain and simple or be illuminated and enhance the aesthetics of their surroundings. Removeable bollards allow temporary vehicular access. Retractable bollards allow for automation to be incorporated.

Materials used can range from galvanised pipe, powdercoated, concrete filled and stainless steel. Some are even significantly crash resistant if security is a concern.

A wide range of architectural bollards are also available.

Other Traffic Control Systems

These are available and include:

  • Wheel stops in a variety of materials
  • Rising steps
  • Speed humps that can be retro fitted
  • “Tiger Teeth” speed humps
  • Crash Fence and Crash Gate systems that will stop a 6,800kg truck travelling at 80km per hour