Swing Gates

The ‘traditional’ gate system, used on driveways as well as for pedestrian access. Swing gates that are clad with tin or timber may require a larger drive motor for automation due to the ‘sail effect’ from wind forces. This makes correct motor selection imperative and a quality system will enable a proper match to your site.

Swing gates may not be suitable if a driveway slopes upward as the ground clearance may be unacceptably high under the fitted gates. If the gates are set back from the boundary inside a property so that they do not open onto public land, they may be opened outwards so the slope issue is able to be avoided.

Designs of the gates are limited only by the customers’ imagination and we are able to supply a variety of materials to suit your application.


Pedestrian Gates

This type of gate can be installed with a padlock or a key operated lock can be fitted.

In addition, an electric strike may be fitted which can be linked to a either a video or voice intercom system which enables the gate to be opened remotely, including from inside your home!

A keypad can be added to enable keyless entry from outside the premises.


Driveway Gates

Driveway gates can be readily installed as part of an existing fence, including brush fences.

In some residential settings, provided the opening is not too large, a single leaf swing gate may be suitable.

Most swing gate installations consist of a pair of gate leaves.

We can make your gates to any design – speak to one of our friendly sales staff today!