Pedestrian Control


These are available in two main configurations:

Waist-high turnstiles (Pedestrian Barriers)

Waist-high turnstiles can be simple or sophisticated ranging from the mechanical type, where the pedestrian pushes the turnstile, or the automatic type which sense the presence of a person and allow access.

There are systems that are typically used in entertainment or public transport applications with a variety of access controls including insertable tickets or tokens, proximity cards. These are sometimes also referred to as “half-height” turnstiles and have traditionally been the most popular type of turnstile.

Full-height turnstiles

The full-height turnstile, is a larger version of the turnstile, commonly 7-foot (2.1 m) high, similar in operation to a revolving door and is inherently more secure.

We have installed a number of these in factories where they also act as an attendance recorder as well as access control for security. See our “Access Control” page for information on these options.

There are two types of full-height turnstiles:

  • High Entrance/Exit Turnstile (“HEET”); and
  • Exit-only (or one way).

HEET turnstiles can rotate in both directions, thus allowing two-way traffic, whilst Exit-only turnstiles can only rotate in one direction, thus allowing one-way traffic. Exit-only turnstiles are commonly used to control a high volume of foot traffic to allow pedestrians to exit an area in a controlled manner without interfering with those entering.