We only supply and install excellent quality intercom systems with the following features:

  • Available as either video/audio or audio only systems;
  • Colour screens (video only);
  • We prefer wired systems rather than wireless to ensure consistent high quality performance;
  • Gate access (if installed) can be fully controlled from the internal intercom station;
  • Some intercom models are able to store an image of the person who has activated the intercom on the external unit; and
  • Multiple internal stations can be fitted for greater convenience in multi-storey buildings or large homes.

Our intercom systems have the following applications:

  • Residential – commonly one external unit and one internal station;
  • Blocks of units or offices – one external station and one internal unit for each tenancy; or
  • Multi-storey buildings – one external station and one (or more) internal units for each level.

We can customise any intercom setup to suit your needs – speak to one of our friendly sales staff today!