Frequently Asked Questions

The automation decision:

Q. I'm building a new house / renovating my existing house.  When do I need to think about automation and access control?

A.  As soon as possible!  Ideally, involve us during the planning stage, as there are often small things when if done early, can save you hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars.  For example, if you wish to install an intercom system, it is best to think about your power and cabling requirements whilst internal walls are not yet clad, or whilst your driveway is not yet finished.  We can work with your builder or project manager to ensure the job is done right first time!

Q. Is it better value to buy a cheaper automation unit on say eBay?

A. There are many difficulties and risks in doing this. For example:

  • Who do you go to for help when the unit fails or you need assistance if you are installing it yourself?
  • Can you obtain spare parts or claim under warranty?
  • Will the manufacturer be around long enough to honour the warranty?
  • Is the product you are being offered part of an overall ‘system’ of products that includes a range of motors and access controls?
  • Are you aware that probably any ‘savings’ you might have made would disappear if a single service call is needed to bring in a qualified automation technician?

   We supply (and install) a wide range of automation brands, includng (but not limited to): Nice, Ditec, ATA / B&D, Elsema, GDS, Arco, Merlin, Chamberlain, Keri, Aiphone, Centurion and more!

Q. Can you automate my existing gate?

A. We usually can, subject to an initial site inspection by our qualified staff.  Some existing gates may not be suitable for automation.

Q. Should I choose a sliding gate or a swing gate?

A. We have installed thousands of both types since 1990.  A sliding gate is usually required where space is limited.  A swing gate, whilst requiring more space to operate, is a cheaper alternative to a sliding gate.  In most cases, the decision comes down to your specific circumstances.  Our friendly staff are happy to assist you with your decision!

Q. Are battery backups worthwhile?

A. We always recommend your automation installation include a battery backup.  Most battery backup systems allow for mutiple opens and closes – this is normally sufficient to cover most power outages.

Q. Is there anything else I need to consider?

A. Obviously, the answer to this will depend on your site-specific circumstances.  We always recommend photo-electric cells be installed as an important safety consideration.  Other items to consider are buzzers and strobe lights, gate stops, catcher brackets and ability to engage the manual release in an emergency.


Care and maintenance:

Q. How often should the automation be serviced?

A. Automation is part of an overall “system” and as such, the whole system requires regular servicing.  Depending on the type of automation and its application, we recommend regular service intervals of between 3 and 12 months.  Please visit our Request Service page, or contact us on (08) 8297 3455 if you wish to have your automation serviced by our experienced technicians.

Q. How do I return the gate to “manual” mode in an emergency?

A. Some systems require a manual key to disengage the automated drive – refer to the instruction manual provided with your unit.  If you require further assistance, please contact us.   


Transmitters / Remotes:

Q. Do you sell replacement transmitters?

A. Yes we do.  We stock a large number of replacement transmitters to suit various automation systems.  Please visit our Remotes Selection page for further details and contact us for a price.

Q. How can I program a remote transmitter?

A. Transmitters can be programmed by following a programming instruction sheet and using your existing working transmitter.  The process, if followed correctly, usually takes less than two minutes to complete.  Please contact us if you require a programming instruction sheet.

Q. Can my gate and roller door work on the same remote?

A. Yes it can.  To enable this function, you will need to install a compatible receiver.  Please contact us for further information.